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Driving with an international driver's licence

Make sure you're travelling lawfully if you're travelling from another country or if you've relocated here permanently.

Residents with the status of "permanent"-

If you move to South Australia permanently, you must obtain a South Australian driving permit within three months. Your former licence or driver's licence permit will become obsolete if you receive a new one, and you may be required to forfeit it. You could still be able to acquire a South Australian permit even if yours has terminated.

Tourists who are only staying for a short time -

If you're merely touring Australia, you can operate any car that your existing license permits, but you must adhere to any restrictions on your offshore licence.

You'll need one of the following:

  • a current English-language driving licence granted in some other country

  • an existing permit with an English version if appropriate, or an overseas driving licence.

When riding, you should keep your driving permit and visa with you all times and display it to authorities upon inquiry. In order to drive in any country, you shouldn't be blacklisted. If your foreign driver's licence lapses while you're in south Australia, you'll need to get a new one on emergency basis.

International driver's licence:

The country that provided your driver's licence must also grant your international driving permit (IDP). The authorization validates that you possess a valid id in multiple languages.

Benefits of IDP-

  • To hire a car, you would require an International Driving Permit.

  • An IDP is acceptable for twelve months, and you should also bring your native country's driving permit.

Versions that are acceptable:

Versions of driver's licences can only be authorised if they match one of the following criteria:

  • (Printed copies, emails, and verified reprints are not allowed) in an authentic paperwork.

  • approved by a linguist who has been accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

  • from an Australian embassy, authorized by an embassy official, and printed on official embassy logo.

  • on the proper framework, from the South Australian Government Interpreting and Translating Centre or its national counterpart, or the Australian Department of Human Services' free interpreting service.

Fees and Concessions-:

STAMP DUTY: When transferring ownership of a car from one individual to another, stamp duty is due in addition to the transfer charge. This is determined by the vehicle's worth. A vehicle might get exchanged without paying levy in certain instances, such as between married couple or illegitimate couples.

Stamp duty calculation:

Business and quasi vehicles have different rates. A commercial vehicle is one that is built for the purpose of transporting commodities. Utility vehicles, strip vans, vans, and large vehicles fall within this category. Quasi vehicles are those that are not used for commercial purposes.

Inspection fees:

These penalties also applicable to automobiles that are part of a big rig or B-double, or are part of a mixture that is beyond 19 miles long or has a number of moles of over 42.5 tonnes, along with the load.

Charges for vehicle registration

You'll need your driver's licence or customer number, as well as the plate number, if the car is already allocated to you.

You'll need the following for some other vehicle:

  • Type of vehicle and body

  • where will the automobile be kept?

  • For what purpose the automobile is going to use for, remember the automobile should not serve any unlawful purpose. Heavy penalities can be levy in such cases.

  • the total number of chambers a vehicle contains.

Approximate fees requirement-

An approximation for mandatory third-party protection (CTP) and a level 1 administration charge are supplied. There are no rebates, stamp duty, or service charges included. There is no right to an input tax credit (ITC).

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